Optimizing small businesses with training, financial and marketing assistance, counseling and business resources.

Financial Technical Assistance

The Northwest Small Business Development Center works with you and your business to determine the best solution for your financial needs.  Below are some worksheets to help assess and answer key questions before you get started.

We also work with you providing:

  • Expert financial review and software comparing your business to similar industry-like businesses.
  • Compare your year-to-year business financials and learn where costs are too high, examine your weak areas, focus on areas you are strong in, and areas to key in on.  Learn how to make valuable and accurate projections in your business and prepare your business for the good times and slow times.

Helpful Information, Tips and Resources

Grant Information

The best thing to understand about grants is that they are given to organizations for the betterment of a special population.  This link:  http://www.cfda.gov will show you every federal grant that is available.  You will see that most grants are given to Non-Profit Organizations, they are usually at least a $1 for $1 match, sometimes more, which means they will give you $1 for every dollar you spend on the project and those dollars are reimbursed to you after you expend all the money, because of the cash management principles that are attached to federal funding.

Non-federal grants are called foundation grants.  Foundation grants are given under somewhat of the same principle.  They usually provide you the focus of the betterment they want you to assist in and will fund projects that will further their overall efforts.  These are also usually focused either around the region the foundation is located, or where the companies are located.  For example, John Deere provides grants for community activities involving children, only in communities where John Deere dealerships are located.